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Wodan Boys

High energy loudmouth rockmusic, that’s basically what it's about.

Let’s be honest. You don’t need another shopping list of bands we all like nor a bunch of metaphors that make us look cool. High energy loudmouth rockmusic, that’s basically what it’s about. We’re not vegan, didn’t had a hard childhood and yet fully aware we’re all on the same sinking ship. Godspeed, Thomas and Mikkie B.



Wodan Boys
07 Oct 2023

Alkmaar NL

Wodan Boys
12 Oct 2023

Effenaar @ Altstadt (w/ Thames)
Eindhoven NL

Wodan Boys
14 Oct 2023

Here's The Thing @ 013
Tilburg NL

Wodan Boys
15 Oct 2023

Showtje Showtje
Utrecht NL

Wodan Boys
20 Oct 2023

Nijmegen NL

Wodan Boys
25 Oct 2023

Paradiso (w/ Thames + Bongloard )
Amsterdam NL

Wodan Boys
03 Nov 2023

PAARD (W/ Thames) (SOLD OUT)
Den Haag NL

Wodan Boys
04 Nov 2023

Hengelo NL

Wodan Boys
16 Dec 2023

AFAS (w/ John Coffey + Tramhaus)
Amsterdam NL

Wodan Boys
27 Jan 2024

OOTO – Out Of The Ordinary
Leiden NL