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Yip Roc

Garage-Punk on slippers

Yip Roc is like a tight fitting pair of skid-mark stained underpants. Yes, exactly: fast, dirty and sexy. The band mixes alternative rock with garage, which will make you wanna run around on flip flops like an ADHD maniac. You can expect some catchy riffs, old skool Philicorda tones and melodies that stick in your head for days.
3VOOR12 calls it “catchy pop rock with an amazing show element”’, The Daily Indie insists to “get on your dancing shoes” and NMTH sees Yip Roc as ‘jumpy alternative rock & garage with a steaming organ’.
After a streak of singles in 2018 and being the most booked band for the Popronde 2018 (OOR-talent), Yip Roc is now concentrating on their debut EP which will be released after the summer of 2019. With their new material and new sound, they are coming for you like fresh little apes, ready to peel yo bananas. With muchachos love, of course.
Yip Roc

Yip Roc
24 Oct 2020

Bands in a Barn
Diessen NL