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Zuco 103

Brazilectro pioneers more than back on track!

Ever since their first smash release Outro Lado (1999) Zuco 103 is internationally known and loved for their original Brazilectro sound. The Zuco 103 sound has travelled the world, from Tokyo and Moscow to South America and back again, all around the indie hot spots of the European Cosmopolis. Etno Chic and their new live set packs a powerful punch of old skool electrosamba, warped funk and a dash of melancholy mood enhancement. To call this a comeback would be a huge understatement: the Zuco 103 sound never left the building. In between live acoustics and weird but oh so funky electro sounds, Zuco 103 remains centerstage – a force to be reckoned with. The Zuco 103 triumvirate holds no prisoners and remains the most effective Afro-Electrical-Rhytmic unit around, graced with the elegance and wit of Lilian Vieria’s présence.

Zuco 103Zuco 103

Zuco 103
27 Nov 2021

Enschede NL

Zuco 103
28 Nov 2021

Luxor live
Arnhem NL

Zuco 103
02 Dec 2021

Het Patronaat
Haarlem NL

Zuco 103
03 Dec 2021

Rotterdam NL

Zuco 103
04 Dec 2021

Alkmaar NL

Zuco 103
09 Dec 2021

De Helling
Utrecht NL

Zuco 103
10 Dec 2021

Venlo NL

Zuco 103
11 Dec 2021

Lelystad NL

Zuco 103
16 Dec 2021

Den Haag NL

Zuco 103
17 Dec 2021

Willem Twee
's-Hertogenbosch NL

Zuco 103
18 Dec 2021

Amsterdam NL