Radar Agency

Roel van Rooij



Mooie, hoopvolle, kleine, bombastische, organische, kinderlijke en volwassen liedjes

Almighty Mighty

Belgian supergroup with members of dEUS, Das Pop & Wallace Vanborn creating dreamy, melancholic rock.

Bo Saris

Keep the Funk Alive!


Electronic/Alternative | Duo | Amsterdam

Certain Animals

Welcome to a Certain Animals' dirty psychedelic rock universe. Down The Rabbit Hole!


These are the Faradays. Nostalgic daydreaming with future-like memories.


The perfect soundtrack for a warm summers night with little sleep.


Mysterious blend of refined melancholy and power.

Little Dots

Alternative pop with a twist from Belgium. Extraordinary

Luna Mae

Groovy, Sexy, R&B, Soul Music

Moon Tapes

Be romanticized by the bittersweet sounds of Moon Tapes


Rock 'n roll fireworks presented by Ron, Rob & Rob.

San Francisco

Cocktails of intimacy and detachment, relativity and self-indulgence, tap water and peated scotch.

Sheila and The Kit

Irresistible dance music; an electronic, groovy flirt with 80's sounds, while retaining a modern feel.


Dancable worldbeat influenced by Palm Trees, R&B, Surf & 80's disco.

Wouter Hamel

Jazzy pop or poppy jazz?

Yip Roc

Alternative Garage-Punk on slippers.

Zuco 103

Brazilectro pioneers more than back on track!