Radar Agency

Roel van Rooij


Aafke Romeijn

Outspoken writer, poet, and musician delivers soundtrack to her book


Mooie, hoopvolle, kleine, bombastische, organische, kinderlijke en volwassen liedjes

Almighty Mighty

Belgian supergroup with members of dEUS, Das Pop & Wallace Vanborn creating dreamy, melancholic rock.

Bo Saris

Keep the Funk Alive!


Electronic/Alternative | Duo | Amsterdam

Certain Animals

Welcome to a Certain Animals' dirty psychedelic rock universe. Down The Rabbit Hole!


These are the Faradays. Nostalgic daydreaming with future-like memories.


The perfect soundtrack for a warm summers night with little sleep.


Mysterious blend of refined melancholy and power.

Little Dots

Alternative pop with a twist from Belgium. Extraordinary

Luna Mae

Groovy, Sexy, R&B, Soul Music

Moon Tapes

Be romanticized by the bittersweet sounds of Moon Tapes


Rock 'n roll fireworks presented by Ron, Rob & Rob.

San Francisco

Cocktails of intimacy and detachment, relativity and self-indulgence, tap water and peated scotch.

Sheila and The Kit

Irresistible dance music; an electronic, groovy flirt with 80's sounds, while retaining a modern feel.


Dancable worldbeat influenced by Palm Trees, R&B, Surf & 80's disco.

Wouter Hamel

Jazzy pop or poppy jazz?

Yip Roc

Alternative Garage-Punk on slippers.

Zuco 103

Brazilectro pioneers more than back on track!