Radar Agency

Ties Timmers


Aafke Romeijn

Outspoken writer, poet, and musician delivers soundtrack to her book

Combo Chimbita

Tropical futurism, with a mesmerizing live show


Intense, rhythmic London jazz played with great energy & joy.

De Eeuw van de Amateur

A podcast show about nearly everything

De Kift

"Poetic fanfare-punk", still conquering hearts everywhere

Glass Museum

Modern jazz with electronic vibes, bringing a big & melodramatic sound

Ishmael Ensemble

Spiralling jazz, psychedelic electronica and club-ready percussive workouts


Refreshing house based music, all performed live

Kay Slice

Grooves from a hiphopkid with a Ghana soul

Kel Assouf

Touareg rock with a message

La Sra. Tomasa

Highly danceable mix of latin and dance brings musica mestiza to another level

Los Paja Brava

A spicy blend of cumbia, rock, ska and surf, tearing down every place they play


The finest musicians in the Rotterdam scene mixing up funk, fusion and jazz.

Miss Catharsis

An all-female band voicing stories by women of colour, where the personal is political

PAX the humanoid

Frontman of Kyteman Orchestra goes boldly where no man has gone before

Sheila and The Kit

Irresistible dance music; an electronic, groovy flirt with 80's sounds, while retaining a modern feel.

The Midnight Hour

Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge join forces

The Sey Sisters

A meaningful journey from gospel to soul, with a powerful message

Valvetronic Brassband

Designed to make you dance and blow you away

Wouter Hamel

Netherlands' most famous crooner


Heartfelt neo-soul from Brussels, mixing soul, hip-hop, jazz, r&b and electronics.