Radar Agency

Ties Timmers



A Breakdance Concert breaking all boundaries

Artvark & Drums United

Unique project combining two great Dutch bands

Baer Traa

Powerful songs & true performance, in a genre Baer calls 'Soulfolk'

Black Flower

Psyche-delicious Ethio-dub-jazz

De Kift

"Poetic fanfare-punk", still conquering hearts everywhere

Glass Museum

Modern jazz with electronic vibes, bringing a big & melodramatic sound


Dutch singersongwriter builds his own instruments


Afro-fire from Denmark, thrilling audiences from Copenhagen to South Korea and Africa.

Los Paja Brava

A spicy blend of cumbia, rock, ska and surf, tearing down every place they play


The finest musicians in the Rotterdam scene mixing up funk, fusion and jazz.


Frontman of Kyteman Orchestra goes boldly where no man has gone before

Szun Waves

An electronic psyjazz superband with Luke Abbott, Jack Wyllie and Laurence Pike

The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip

Stylish and ironic Nederbeat from Rotterdam

The Midnight Hour

Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge join forces

Thunder Fox

Australian attitude and energy blended with some Funkadelic & oldschool Red Hot Chili Peppers

Valvetronic Brassband

Designed to make you dance and blow you away


Heartfelt neo-soul from Brussels, mixing soul, hip-hop, jazz, r&b and electronics.