Radar Agency



Line breaks: radar
Pronunciation: /ˈreɪdɑː   /

  • 1
. A System for detecting the presence, direction, distance, and speed of aircrafts, ships, and other objects, by sending out pulses of radio waves which are reflected off the object, back to the source.
  • 1.1
 An apparatus used for radar.
  • 1.2
 A person’s capacity for intuitive perception; a special sensitivity for factors, trends, etc.: keep your radar tuned to changes at work
  • 1.3
 Used to indicate that someone or something has or has not come to the attention of a person or group: he’s off the radar in the UK but in his country of birth he’s a well-known figure
  • 1.4 A booking agency based in Amsterdam with a special sensitivity for thrilling, border crossing and heart touching music from all over the world.

1940s: from ra(dio) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging).


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Radar Agency
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1001 NB Amsterdam

Phone +31 20-2333 697
Email info@radar-agency.com

Visiting Address:
Rustenburgerstraat 469
1072 HK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

KVK / Chamber of Commerce: 60647299

BTW / VAT-Nr. NL853998437B01

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