La Pegatina

Highly explosive party act, scientifically defined as Fiesta Therapy!

El revulsiu is the name of the 5th album from La Pegatina. Its a word that perfectly describes what happens when the Catalan group hits the stage. Their festive spirit, their energy, and their connection with the audience is apparent from the outset, and has them whipping up a storm wherever they play.

But watch out, because when it comes to La Pegatina, be prepared to be surprised. Case in point: as soon as you hear the song that opens the album, Heridas de guerra, you are hit hard with a sharp electric guitar. As all their fans know, this is something totally new for the band, and when combined with the acoustic guitar, the bass, the drums, the accordion, the trumpet, and the always effective percussion, it will only add more power to their high-octane live shows. And as expected, there are many more surprises. But dont be alarmed. Different musical styles come and go, combining with their lively urban rumba, providing every colour imaginable, and vindicating the purity of the impure and the richness of the fusion of genres.


La Pegatina

La Pegatina
06 Sep 2018

Den Haag NL

La Pegatina
07 Sep 2018

Utrecht NL

La Pegatina
08 Sep 2018

Tilburg NL

La Pegatina
09 Sep 2018

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