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Jo Goes Hunting

Deep analog bass synths, spacey guitars, rhythmic variations and floating vocal harmonies

Jo Goes Hunting is the brainchild of Jimmi Jo Hueting. Besides his activities as a jazz drummer, he is blooming as an eccentric producer and songwriter. With the love for experimental electronic music, obscure hiphop and sixties pop in combination with his surgery style of production, he creates a sound that comes together in an innovative, flawless and versatile whole; every detail in his music has its own accurate character. 
Strongly influenced by his studies as a jazz drummer, rhythmic diversity is the core of each song. Contrary to what you may expect of the complexity of those rhythmic elements, the music is very danceable, uplifting and catchy. 

In his studio, Jimmi Jo Hueting plays and records almost all instruments himself, while live he is accompanied by a group of musicians who built up quite a live reputation; with full devotion and expertise. 
Jo Goes Hunting performed in all the main clubs in The Netherlands and on festivals such as ‘Best Kept Secret’, ’Down The Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Iceland Airwaves’. Jo Goes Huntings debut album ‘Come, Future’ (2017) was well received by the press and obtained radio play all over Europe. 

Jo Goes Hunting

Jo Goes Hunting
08 Nov 2019

So What (try out)
Gouda NL

Jo Goes Hunting
14 Nov 2019

Rotterdam NL

Jo Goes Hunting
15 Nov 2019

Utrecht NL

Jo Goes Hunting
20 Nov 2019

Amsterdam NL

Jo Goes Hunting
21 Nov 2019

Nijmegen NL

Jo Goes Hunting
22 Nov 2019

Groningen NL