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Taking brass music to another level!

Fresh, hot, young, and dynamic. The 13 musicians of Querbeat take brass pop to a new level. Witnessing a concert of the „Q“, as named by their fans, feels like riding a unicorn on a rainbow. Their performance comes with a great amount of passion, sophistication and punk. Stop what you’re doing and go party with them!

Their first album „Fettes Q“ is inspired by elements of Pop, Hip Hop, EDM and Brass and carried by the sound of tuba, trombones, a mellophone, saxophones and trumpets. A unique mix of electronic music and self-made brass-sound coins a big musical statement. The songs all celebrate life in its pureness – it’s all about the good vibes, a lifestyle, a riot for happiness that will only allow for tears of joy. As a result more than 75.000 fans on social media support the Q – that success cannot be neglected.

„Das Leben gibt heut einen aus“, „Nie mehr Fastelovend“, „Guten Morgen Barbarossaplatz“, or „Randale und Hurra“, are songs calling for happiness and have generated millions of YouTube clicks.
In October 2017 their sound has driven more than 12.000 people to watch their live-performances at Palladium – a huge venue in Cologne – sold out in a blink of an eye.

Come and see our next show, wherever you are, no regrets, this will be the time of your life!